Download Page for Sony VAIO Users

We provide an updater for Sony VAIO users who are using the DigitalMedia software.
Please read the following instructions and update your software.

The contents of updater

The following items have been changed in this updater.

Changed Items:

  • An error occurs when you exit Roxio DigitalMedia SE after Windows Media Player is updated to version 11. This has been resolved.

  • An error occurred and data could not be correctly erased while attempting to Full Erase the disc written by BD DiscRecorder software.
    This problem has been resolved.

  • The message requested the user to execute the Full Erase while trying to copy the disc to a DVD-RW which a Quick Erase was already once performed, but the Full Erase was never completed. This problem has been resolved.

  • An unnecessary message window appeared when disc copy was completed if the disc copy feature was executed while reading data from DVD-ROM drive.
    This window no longer appears.

How to Update Your Software

Please follow the instructions below to update your writing engine.

Quit All Software
Please quit all software that you are currently running.

Download Update Tool
Click [Download] button to download the update tool.
The file "DM207u2.exe" is downloaded.
(The file name "DM207u2" appears if you check [Hide extensions for known file types] of the [View] tab in the [Folder Options].)

Execute Update Tool
Execute the update tool that you downloaded and follow the instructions that appears on the screen.
  1. Double click and execute "DM207u2.exe" that you downloaded.

  2. Follow the instrucions that appears on the screen.

You must restart your PC for the new software to take effect.

This completes the process to update the software.


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